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Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate combines 20-30 % cocoa solids and milk (powdered). It is the most common eating chocolate.
Dark Chocolate
Also known as plain chocolate. It contains varying % of cocoa solids, sugar and fat.
White Chocolate
It is creamy white in colour and very sweet without the bitterness of cocoa solids.
Chocolate Modak
It is the most popular chocolate form invented only by choco ambrosia. It contains the two parts as outer part is make of dark chocolate and is blended with the inner part of grated coconut and sugar and typical Indian spices.
Sugarfree Chocolate
The chocolates are sugar free and little bitter in taste.
Fruit n nut Chocolate
Every bite of this chocolate gives surprises of either of fruit or of nuts or both.
Chocolate Crispies
These are the crunchy chocolates, surely will add a naughtyness to your mood.
Flavoured Chocolates
These are the plain chocolates with different aromas.
The available flavours in these chocolates are :
• Tangy orange
• Sweet strawberry
• Smooth pineapple
• Refreshing mint
Hazelnut Chocolate
These are the rich chocolates contains the hazel nuts with a light aroma of hazel nut.
Butterscotch Chocolate
These are the crunchiest chocolates with a strong essence of butter scotch.
Ginger Lemon Chocolate
These are the spicy chocolate with tangy lemon and hot ginger taste.
Sweet Centred Chocolate
These chocolates contains a surprise of sweet in the centre of it.
The flavours available are :
• Strawberry
• Kiwi
• Pineapple
• Raw Mango
• Mango
Jelly Chocolate
These chocolates contains jelly of any flavour. Available in various types.
Chocolate Lollypops
Specially designed lollypops not only for the kids but for the kid in adults.
Specially Designed Chocolate
These are the specially designed chocolate. Perfect for every occasion and can be design as per your choice in shape, taste, and the most importantly as per your budget. It can be gifted to someone special, and you can make the day memorable.
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