choco ambrosia

Chocolate is one of the world's most delectable foods and the one that most satisfies our desire for something sweet. When we think of a treat to please, we think of chocolate.

chocoambrosia is the premium supplier of chocolate gift boxes in Pune over last 10 years. Our chocolate tastes like a heaven and one cannt stop on a single piece once he tastes the special taste of premium chocolates. Our chocolates are for all occassions whether it is for baby shower, promotion, love, appreciatation, business development, etc.

We have successfully completed the Corporate Orders from last 8 years. Our esteemed clients are satisfied with the quality, promptness and and the price of the chocolate box. We have regular clients since the starting of the venture. And very to proud to announce that once the client approached us has never gone for the ulternative option. The same quality is maintained over the period of 8 years.

Customer satisfaction is very important aspect for chocoambrosia. We always provide freshly hand crafted each piece of chocolate, maintaining its shine and lustre and the of course the taste. The carefully hand crafted chocolate is wrap on the suitable wrapping paper and very attractive chocolate boxes or containers are also available according to the choice of customer.

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